​​What's Your Parent Focus?

How identifying your main area of interest for your child can help alleviate parenting guilt and anxiety.

You might be keenly aware of your parent focus or maybe you never thought about it. The truth is that we all identify a little harder with one aspect of our child's life over others.

If you know your focus early on, it can make it a lot easier to gently brush away the pressure of trying to be everything all at once. I've outlined four main categories below that may apply to you, obviously, these are general in nature (perhaps a little cheeky). It's perfectly fine to be a mix between a few.

Categories of parent focus...

The foodie parent: You find yourself saying 'please eat' at least 30 times a day. You are always in the kitchen preparing nutritious, whole food meals in order to feed your little one. You place eating above all other aspects of parent life and pray that your child will gobble it all up. You have probably been given too much advice on baby weight by health professionals.

The sleepy parent: You miss your own sleep (understandable) and feel that you can only function properly when you (and bub) have had 12 hours of sleep at night. You read books, blogs, and forums on sleep; you may even have attended a sleep clinic. You love to talk to other parents about sleep because you have unlocked the mystery of life and it's wonderful!

The safety parent: You calculate the danger and risk in every action your baby does. In fact most times, you are several steps ahead. Maybe you are simply hovering, waiting for some form of mishap to occur. You have done the first aid courses (twice), encouraged others to get onboard and you like to point out hazards to help others.

The smarty-pants parent: You focus on the developmental milestones of your child and cross-check them with phone apps and observations of other children. You are reading books loudly, repeating phrases like a crazy person and buying only the best educational toys. You have already thought about their schooling and may even dabble in alternative education practices.

The crafty parent: I had to include this one because this is a craft website after all...You spend many dollars and hours making things for your baby because why buy it right? You impatiently wait for nap times so you can get your projects done and then get super excited when the baby interacts with them. You can waste so much time making a pom pom that whole days go by. You leave little room for any other focus area.

Of course, these are extreme caricatures but you get the idea right? We all have a little crazy in our style that often means when we try to be them all, this can leave us feeling like a failure. Take time to acknowledge who you are and embrace it all with a grain of salt. What is important to you may not resonate with other parents and that's okay! We need a world full of wonderful and unique crazy sparkles.

Do you know of any other parent focus areas? Maybe you relate to some above? If so, I would love for you to share your thoughts below!

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