How to: Rainbow Wall Hanger

Learn how to create a beautiful Rainbow wall hanger in this easy DIY tutorial and video with Mumma Got Skills.

The beautiful Rainbow has been a symbol of love, hope and acceptance for many generations. More recently, it has been a visual representation of light within an unchartered historical period. With Covid-19 keeping us indoors, this has been a popular project to hang in windows for all to see.

So, in keeping with our upbeat craft and support for mothers, we thought it would be a great idea to team up with Morayfield Shopping Centre to make some craft videos just for you.

This Rainbow wall hanging is an easy project with minimal materials and can be enjoyed by family members of all ages.

Materials List:

All materials can be found at Morayfield Shopping Centre.

We have used climbing rope for its' rigidity and environmental recycling benefits. You can purchase this through Mumma Got Skills.


Step One: Cut 4 lengths of rope at approximately 30cm each.

Line up pieces and form the curve of your rainbow arch. Don't worry if ends are not equal at this stage.

Step Two: Use a ruler to mark a line across all rope pieces at both ends. This will be where the wool ends and the tassel begins. You can make this as long or short as you like.

Step Three:

Use masking tape to wrap each rope piece, using the line as the bottom marker for the tape. If you are using a different style of rope, you may need to wrap the entire length in masking tape to make it stiff enough to hold its shape.

Step Four: If using climbing rope, you will need to peel back the outer coating to reveal the rope strands underneath.

Step Five: Repeat for either end on each rope piece and cut excess at masking tape.

Step Six: Take your first arch (any is fine to begin with) and your strand of wool. Hold the tail of your wool along the arch, pointing towards the middle. Take the length of wool and wrap around the rope and the tail of wool to hide it. This will secure it in place without glue or a knot. Continue winding wool around the rope until you reach the bottom of the masking tape at the opposite end of the arch.

Step Seven: Secure wool at this end with hot glue, fabric glue or a knot.

Step Eight: Repeat steps six and seven with remaining rope arches.

Crafty Tip, use a fork if you have any separated wool strands. This will help to comb them back together.

Step Nine: Using hot glue or fabric glue, join your arches together. I tend to put a little glue and press the arches together; moving along the arch as I go.

Step Ten: Glue a strand of wool to the back of the rainbow to hang it up and add any extra embellishments (like pom poms).

Want to see how we made a rainbow with four rope pieces? We made a video so please check it out below!

Watch Rainbow Wall Hanger Tutorial Here:

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