Easter craft for the whole family!

Here are a few easy and cost-effective crafts to get you and your children through the Easter break.

Egg Cup Craft

How do you keep a 16 month old engaged? No seriously, I am asking the question in the hope that you have the answer. Holidays can be tough right? You want to spend time with your kids but you also want to find a balance of activities that don't cost the world.

For those of you with little ones, this might be a fun little series of crafts that culminates in that all exciting EGG HUNT!


You will need:

6 (or more) plastic Easter eggs with no decorations. (Check out Daiso)

Acrylic paint

paint brushes

paper plate

Method (if there is any):

Distribute paint onto paper plate and let your child at it!

Ziggy did a lot of 'dabbing' into the paint with the whole egg so do away with brushes I say!

Of course you could be way more elaborate and precise by using masking tape to rule out a pattern first...but who's got time for that?!

Egg Cup Succulents

Mumma Got Skills just finished up the last of these super fun easter workshops! Mummas got to paint an egg cup, plant a succulent and go on an easter hunt with their babes (eggs expertly hidden by Ziggy). Did I mention we ate hot cross buns and eater eggs too?!

These eggcups make awesome easter gifts as an alternative to chocolate.

You will need (a collection of varied materials):

Egg Cup (Try Robins Kitchen or Daiso)


Acrylic Paint or Paint Markers (life savers for the unsavvy painter)




Material Glue (Spotlight)



cacti potting mix

drainage pebbles (a teaspoon each cup)

root hormone (this is great if you are planting succulent cuttings)


You can decorate these tiny delights in many ways and they will still look cute. There is literally no right or wrong. If you do like a guide however, the bunny was made like this:

1. Use a paint marker (or permanent marker) to draw on a little face. If this part daunts you, try some google eyes and pipe cleaner whiskers as an alternative.

2. Cut ears from felt in 2 colours. Tip: Fold felt and cut to make an even set of ears. Glue ears together and then to the cup using fabric or hot glue.

3. Glue a Pom-pom to the back of the cup for a bunny tail.

4. Tie a ribbon into a bow and secure to the front groove between the base and the cup.

5. Add name and year details somewhere on the cup to keep as a memento.

6. When paint has dried, scoop teaspoon of pebbles into bottom of eggcup followed by enough potting mix to fill.

7. Cut succulents and remove any extra foliage at bottom of stem. Stick stem into water then root hormone before plunging it into your soil. Repeat this step with any other succulent varieties you like.

8. Spray succulent occasionally with water.

Optional: You can varnish your painting to protect it with a spray gloss or paint...I'm always way too impatient for such a step.

Egg Hunt!

Hide your painted eggs with your little one a couple of days before Easter Sunday. I say to do this together because I believe it helps with their development, and connection to collecting the eggs later on. It will still be a surprise because they will most likely have forgotten where they hid them...or will they?

Once all the eggs are collected, you can swap them for a soft toy or chocolate... whatever suits your style. Decorate your breakfast table with your egg-cup succulent and you are ready to bring in the day.

A craft project with a exploratory learning element- this makes my little teacher heart happy!