10-12pm | Bardon Hall

Waitlist Mums and Bubs Craft Group

Waitlist Open for Mums and Bubs 6 Week Craft Groups 2021! Register your spot and join us for some crafty fun! Once registered, you will receive an email notification and text to let you know when bookings open.
Waitlist Mums and Bubs Craft Group

Time & Location

Bardon Hall, 247 Simpsons Rd, Bardon QLD 4065, Australia

About The Event

Waitlist Open for Mums and Bubs 6 Week Craft Groups 2020!

Day: Wednesday


BOOK NOW: 20th October- 24th November (craft 3)

BOOK NOW: 1st December- 15th December (mini christmas craft 3 weeks)

Please see other events to book open workshops. If the workshop you are looking at says 'waitlist' above. Please proceed through this event and put your name on the list. We will contact you once that workshop date becomes available for bookings.

We have created a weekly meet-up where you can come together to make something unique and fun for your baby. This 6 week group is a special time for you to come and get your hands busy with new and fun creative experiences. Bring your bub and get to know other mummas, drink tea and free your mind for a couple of hours. Absolutely no skills required, you will literally be stepped through each project with care and templates!

What you get:

All materials

Tea and Coffee

Relaxed and safe atmosphere

Experienced workshop facilitator

If you have been looking for something a little different to the traditional Mums group, this is exactly where you need to be!

See below for a list of crafty projects that we make in each group. You can sign up to any 6 week block and if you love what we do (and we hope that you will), you can book into the next series for more craft! There are a total of 24 different projects that you can make over 24 weeks.

Craft Group One

Week One: Black and White Sensory Board

A sensory board is made up of different textures and shapes in shades of black and white. Black and White because it is most engaging for baby due to the high contrast.

Week Two: Rainbow Sensory Mobile

This is a tactile mobile that is designed to be touched, grabbed and chewed! We show you how to introduce colour gradient through a rainbow ribbon hanging mobile that can be hung just above baby. This will develop concentration, coordination and sensory perception.

Week Three: Library Bag

Make a personalised tote bag for your baby (or yourself) with funkky fabric and felt. Trace the letters of a name, word or number in material of your choice and embellish with pom poms and 3d fabric paint. Create something memorbale for years to come!

Week Four: Teething Necklace

Babies need to chew in order to help their teeth push through. This sturdy and durable necklace is the perfect teething toy for your baby that is also a stylish accessory. We will teach you how to finger-knit some funky fabric yarn into a necklace before we attach some baby friendly silicone beads for good chewing measure!

Week Five: Pom Pom Wall hanging

Pom poms offer babies texture and depth that can help them to develop focus and concentration. You can decide on your colour scheme and mobile set-up to suit your taste. For really young babies, a black and white mobile is super beneficial for development and will encourage them to engage and focus.

Week Six: Sensory Bottles

They are like snow globes but way more fun! Create mini-worlds for your little one to discover...and all in a handy shake bottle. Choose three different themes to create inside a bottle. Including but not limited to; glitter gel, crazy buttons and i-spy alphabet. These crafty little sensory bottles allow your baby time to explore the contents whilst also developing motor skills through grasping, rolling and shaking. If you have a toddler or child who is eager to help, this is a great workshop to do together.

Craft Group Two: 

Week One: Macrame Keyring

This is a little gift for you! Learn basic macrame knots to complete a cute a functional addition to your keys that will have them stand out in any hiding place around the house.

Week Two: Farmyard Finger Puppets

Stitch your own set of cute farm animal finger puppets to enjoy with your child. All designs come pre-cut so you can easily complete the set (even with a babe in arms). Have no fear from home-economics classes past, you will succeed with these and feel super proud when they are complete!

Week Three: Rainbow Wall Hanging

Using three lengths of rope, you choose your colour-way to wrap and build into a beautiful and fashionable rainbow. These rainbows have been a popular addition to nurseries and by using expired climbing rope, we are proud to be crafting sustainably.

Week Four: Storybook/ Birthday Bunting

Turn an old book into a lasting decorative string of bunting. Perfect for a nursery or birthday party!

In this workshop we will convert old worn out picture books into beautiful bunting that will make a statement and bring the stories back to life! Use a template to cut pages into flags, glue to a decorative string and further personalise with words (if you choose). Then, store your bunting in the hard cover of the book to protect it or hang it in your nursery or child's room.

Week Five: Cloud Sensory Toy

Felt is a beautiful texture for little hands to play with. We will teach you how to cut a simple pattern and hand sew a cloud shape in a colour of your choice. We will then fill the cloud with hobby fill and sew ribbons on for extra sensory play options.

Week Six: Crochet Teething Ring

A great introduction to a brand new skill! We will be learning basic crochet technique with colourful wool and a wooden baby teether. By crocheting around the teether, you will complete a functional baby toy and have a new skill to use with other projects!

Craft Group Three: 

Week One: Butterfly Mobile (Montessori education inspired)

The butterfly mobile is a learning tool to help your baby develop depth perception, focus and understanding of movement. As the butterflies dance in the breeze, you baby will be able to follow with their eyes. This important learning tool can hold your baby's attention for up to 40 minutes at a time!

Week Two: T-shirt Yarn Macrame pot hanger

A super simple intro to macrame using t-shirt yarn. This material comes in a range of colours and can be dressed up with beads for something to suit your personal taste and decor.

Week Three: Mini Dreamcatcher

We couldn't be crafty without a sweet little dream catcher week. Using a 20cm ring, we will show you how to wrap coloured yarn into a decorative pattern before adorning with yarn, feathers and beads.

Week Four: Pineapple Paper Quill Design

A popular and ancient artform, this paper technique involves rolling strips of paper into shapes to fill a pre-planned design. We like to honour our tropical state with a funky pineapple design. A gorgeous statement and peaceful process.

Week Five: Sensory Bean Bags

Learn to sew three small rectangle bags and add different grains to create fun and useful sensory learning tools. Choose from funky fabric and different dry cereals and lentils to create some educational magic.

Week Six: Pom-Pom/ Tassel Keyrings with Painted Beads

Something fun for you! Make a set of mini pompoms and tassels to adorn a keyring as well as decorate your own wooden beads with