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Do you feel like all your skills have been exchanged for dirty nappies and sleepless nights? Do you feel like you've lost a sense of self under a pile of washing? Maybe, you just need to get out of the house and make some new friends. We get it, I get it.


Hi and a massive welcome to you. My name is Carlie and  I am the founder of Mumma Got Skills. I am also an arts teacher and fellow mum of Ziggy (born dec 2017). I have always felt my creative side provided relief from overthinking things. It was through doing crafty projects that I realised my mind became ‘quiet’ and this helped me get through difficult times. After the birth of Ziggy,  I reached out for some kind of creative group where I could also take my baby. No such crafty mothers group existed...so I made one up. And now, you can be part of the fun


Post natal anxiety and depression affects 1 in 7 new mums (PANDA) but there is no doubt that every new parent experiences some levels of stress after baby. Mumma Got Skills provides a service where new mothers (and dads too) can take a much needed break whilst also creating simple projects that match the developmental needs of your babies. Mumma Got Skills workshops are a time where you can refocus attention and simply breathe.

With over 10 years experience as a children's performer, workshop facilitator and teacher, it seems natural that I should share what I know with new mothers. Support networks are so incredibly important after having a baby. Mumma Got Skills provides an alternative to traditional mothers groups.

Teacher of the arts I Maternal wellness advocate I Consultant 

B. Creative Industries (Drama)

Grad Dip Education (Middle Years)

  • To bring positive experiences to Mummas through the medium of craft.

  • To provide free workshops to Mummas who need it most.

  • To create space and conversation to relieve post-natal pressure, stress and anxiety.

  • To run workshops in hospitals and health-care facilities to reach mothers on bed-rest and mothers with babies in NICU.

  • To own a purpose-built craft van to travel to remote communities and deliver workshops.


Social Enterprise

We put back into the business 50% of our profits  in order to continue research and develop quality experiences for mothers who need it most. 

We are all about creating craft workshops at low cost so that mummas from all backgrounds can join in. We provide free workshops for mothers at risk by using a percentage of donated funds through ticket sales. We realised our 2019 goal to develop partnership with hospitals in order to provide workshops for perinatal mothers and look forward to continuing this in 2020.


We love to partner with organisations to deliver solutions that promote positive perinatal health and wellbeing through art. We love to travel, develop new workshops, collaborate and solve logistical nightmares! Nothing is too small (or big!). If you have an idea, grant opportunity, proposal (or even an old van) that you think would work well with what we do, please get in touch!

"Had an absolutely wonderful time with Carlie and all the mummas at the Pom Pom mobile making class last week. We are definitely looking forward to coming back when we can. The space is comfortable for both mums and babies. It was great to be able to do something crafty and for the babies to socialise amongst each other."

- Kathryn Saxby


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